Com & Com

COM & COM (Johannes M. Hedinger / Marcus Gossolt)


Com&Com (artist duo est. in 1997 with Marcus Gossolt). Com&Com’s recent projects include Point de Suisse (2014), Bloch (2011), and Mocmoc (2003-08), among others. Com&Com participated in eight Biennials, such as, Venice Biennial and biennials in Shanghai, Singapore, Sharjah, and Moscow. Their solo exhibitions involve projects at the Kunsthaus Zurich, Kunstwerke Berlin and Centre Pasquart Biel (retrospective). In the last seventeen years the duo participated in over 130 exhibitions. For more information, see

The Swiss artist duo Com&Com was launched in 1997 by Marcus Gossolt (*1969) and Johannes M. Hedinger (*1971). They live and work in Zurich, St Gallen and New York.

They participated in eight biennials (Venice, Shanghai, Moscow, Singapore, Sharjah et al.) and had solo presentations at Kunsthaus Zurich (2001) and Kunst-Werke Berlin (2003) and Centre Pasquart Biel (2010, retrospective). In the last seventeen years the duo participated in over 130 exhibitions, shot 25 short films, published nine books, several Music-CDs and a musical. From Com&Com coins also the „Mocmoc“ (2003-08), Gugusdada (since 2004) and the project „Point de Suisse“ (2014/15). Currently, they travel around the world with the Appenzell trunk « Bloch » (since 2011).

Com&Com is also working as curators, publishers. lecturers, writers, journalists and for the creative industries.


Johannes M. Hedinger, *1971 in St.Gallen

Studied art at the Hochschule der Künste Zürich ZHdK and the University of California Los Angeles UCLA; studies of art history, cultural studies, film, and German philology at the University of Zurich and the Humboldt University Berlin. Postgrad. Studies at University of Arts Berlin, Doctoral Stuides at University of Lausanne. Since 2006, teaching position at the Hochschule der Künste Zurich, and since 2010, at the University of Cologne. Lives in Zurich and New York.



Marcus Gossolt, *1969 in St.Gallen

Studied architecture and art at the HGK Basel and art and media studies at the KHM Cologne. Project agency Alltag GmbH for visual and strategic communication since 2005. Lives in St.Gallen.

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