Cao Kai 曹恺

Cao Kai, a contemporary artist and independent curator.

Born in 1969, from Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. After graduating from Nanjing Academy of the Arts  in 1992,he worked in Nanjing TV Station for many years. He established PEEXIE Studio in Nanjing in 2000, whose work includes the creation, criticism, historical research, exhibition, and education of experimental films and video art, associating with other fields, such as documentary, new media art and digital art.

As a contemporary artist, he stepped in the field of contemporary art in 1994 and used video, photography and installation as the main medium of art expression. Now he is an important video artist and experimental filmmaker in China.

As an independent curator, he organized and curated China Independent Film Festival since 2003. He also participated in various intercontinental art projects relating to Chinese independent films, experimental films and Video Art in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, and Macao.

He has published a photo album of his video artworks 9 VIDEOS,and monograph Document and Experiment: the History of Digital Film&Video. As the previous chief editor of Asia Experimental Film and Video Art Forum Collection, and China’s Independent Documentary “Nanjing Declaration” Event Literature Documentation, he has been the chief editor of the catalogue of China Independent Film Festival. Besides, he has another dozens of papers being published in some professional journals and a variety of Chinese art forum anthologies.





出版有个人录像艺术作品图册《9 VIDEOS》,专著《纪录与实验:DV影像前史》,主编过《亚洲实验电影与录像艺术论坛文集》、《中国独立纪录片“南京宣言”事件文献汇编》,是历届CIFF图册的主编或编审。另有数十篇论文发表于海内外艺术专业期刊和多种论坛文集。

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