Summer of 1969 六九年之夏

Summer of 1969




Dirertor/Edit/Producer CaoKai

Music Bryan Adams

Production PeeXie Studio


60’s of 20th century was an excited era of global Rock and Roll, it influenced our generation deeply and for a long time. It was an obscure red shadow in my memory then. 30 years later, I interviewed my indistinct memory of babyhood to trace back to the voice of world when I was born.


The whole world was like a magnificent Rock and Roll concert at the time, numberless super stars stepped on the stage of history and crazy fans gathered to chanted names of youth idols: Mao Tsetong, Che Guevara, Martin Luther King, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Macolm X, Pol Pot, John Lennon… all of them were standing nearside of the period; and I could see a composite column under the gilded portraits of those idols, it was consisted of Red Guards in China, students of Mai Rouge Movement, Rock maniacs of Woodstock, Hippies, guerrilla in the Jungle of Latin America, Vietnam Communists, and refugees from Prague.


*This work was produced and edited on original historical video material, and the background music was a live version of Summer of ’69 from Bryan Adams.






音乐:Bryan Adams








全片以一九六九年前后的历史画面为影象素材,重新剪辑整合。挪用了Summer of ’69的现场录音作为背景音乐。

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