Liao Wenfeng & Bignia Wehrli 廖文峰&宾雅

1979 (Uster, Switzerland), is an artist based in Berlin. After studying art and getting her „Meisterschüler“ degree from the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, she spent a year at the Total Art Studio at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou (CAA) on a DAAD scholarship and continued her post-graduate studies at CAA for another year in the calligraphy departement. Thanks to her Mandarin skills – she has been studying Chinese since she was eight year-old – Bignia has been able to network with the young art scene in China, being intensely engaged in artistic and intercultural exchange with China. Since 2011, Bignia Wehrli is a consultant for the German-Chinese Master program CDK at the University of Arts Berlin. In her art works, Bignia Wehrli focusses especially on transformation and translation processes, for example on encoding traces into writing, more information under
Wenfeng Liao was born in Jiangxi Province (P.R.China) in 1984. In 2006 he graduated from the Total Art Studio of China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. He lived in Shanghai from 2006 to 2012. Aside from pursuing his artistic goals he was part of the curatorial team of Shanghai Zendai MoMA and was involved in several big exhibition projects including the „Intrude: Art & Life 366“ project in 2008 and the Yang Fudong solo exhibition in 2009. As an artist Wenfeng Liao participated in international residency programs including the „Artists-in-labs“ residency in Switzerland, the HIAP residency in Finland and showed his art works in a series of exhibitions including „Archeology of the Future –The Second Triennial of Chinese Art“ in Nanjing, the „Third Lianzhou International Photo Festival“, „Hunters and Hunted“ in Museum Villa Rot in Germany. Since July 2012 Wenfeng Liao lives in Berlin.

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