Chen Qiulin 陈秋林

Chen Qiulin (1975 born in Yichang City, Hubei Province) graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Print Department. She is an outstanding artist of China’s younger generation. Her works concern the social impact from China’s political and economic reforms. Chen Qiulin constantly summarizes and visualizes the status quo and various conflicts arising from the challenges of modern life to the traditional value system. She puts her personal experiences and memories of growth into her works, which are expressed in a unique sensitive artistic language using shifting media and materials. Chen Qiulin’s works include video, images, installations and sculptures, including a variety of media. Her creation has always been in a constant state of development and progress. In frequently discussed issues, she introduces new ideas and perspectives. With a unique sensitivity to social issues, she expresses her strong doubt about the processes and ambitions of development.

In 2006, when the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) presented their annual grant, Chen Qiulin was the only Chinese artist who was honored by the council. In 2008, she and seven outstanding women from other different areas were nominated for the JP Morgan First Asian World Women Forum Rising Talents Programme. In 2009, she was nominated by the French Consulate to teach at the Nice contemporary Art Center College of the Arts. The same year, Chen Qiulin was also nominated for the fourth AAC Art of China’s annual influence young artists nomination. Chen Qiulin was also invited by the China Institute (New York), Columbia University, Duke University, Na Shier Museum, University of Manchester, UK Whitworth Art Gallery, Asian Women’s Fund and other organizations to give speeches.

In recent years, Chen Qiulin has participated in This is Not For You: Sculptural Discourses, T-BA21 Collection, The 7th Gwangju Biennale, APT6, Australia, China Power Station Part II, Ⅲ, Ⅳ, The Wall: Two Decades of Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition and a series of important international and domestic exhibitions, including a number of influential solo exhibitions in Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Max Protetch Gallery, Long March Space, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum and Honolulu Museum of Art. In addition, in the spring of 2009 she took part in a video work in key projects of modern dance Rite of Spring for the Sino-French cultural exchanges. Her works have been collected by many important art galleries, collections and private collectors in the United States and Europe.


2006年亚洲文化协会(ACC)颁发年度奖助金,陈秋林是当年中国唯一一个获得该荣誉的艺术家;2008年她同其他不同领域的7位杰出女性获得JP摩根世界女性论坛首届亚洲大会新星提名(First Asian World Women Forum Rising Talents Programme Nominee); 2009年她得到法国领事馆的奖项提名前往法国当代艺术研究中心的尼斯艺术学院授课;同年,陈秋林还获得第四届AAC艺术中国年度影响力年度青年艺术家提名奖;陈秋林还曾应邀在华美协进社(China Institute)(纽约)、哥伦比亚大学(Columbia University)、杜克大学纳什尔美术馆(Na Shier Museum of Duke University)、英国曼切斯特大学惠特沃斯美术馆(University of Manchester)、英国惠特沃斯美术馆(UK Whitworth Art Gallery)、亚洲妇女基金会等机构进行演讲交流(Asian Women’s Fund)。

近年来,陈秋林参加了THIS IS NOT FOR YOU: Sculptural Discourses, T-BA21 Collection收藏展、第七届光州双年展(The 7th Gwangju Biennale)、第6届亚太当代艺术三年展(APT6,Australia)、China Power Station Part II,Ⅲ,Ⅳ(中国电站Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅳ)、“墙:中国当代艺术二十年展”等一系列国际国内重要展览,并在美国翰墨博物馆(Hammer Museum, Los Angeles)、MAX PROTETCH Gallery、Long March Space(长征空间)、伊莱和伊迪特·布罗德美术馆(Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum)、檀香山艺术博物馆(Honolulu Museum of Art)举办了多场卓有影响的个展,同时在2009年中法之春文化交流之春中参与重点项目现代舞《春之祭》的视频创作工作。她的作品被美国、欧洲的许多重要美术馆、收藏机构和私人收藏家所收藏。

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