Jun Jiang 姜俊

Jun Jiang, born in Shanghai, Video-installation Artist, Art Critic,graduated from Kunstakademie Münster, gained Meisterschüler of Prof. Aernout Mik. Now PhD student for Art Theory and Art History in Peking University and China Academy of Art. Member of art group Irrational Amateur Laboratory. Live in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing.

姜俊,1982上海出生,影像装置艺术家,艺术评论家,毕业于明斯特艺术学院(Kunstakademie Münster),获得Prof. Aernout Mik的大师生称号。现在师从高士明、朱青生,在中国美术学院和北京大学从事图像学和展示文化研究学的博士研究,主攻中国美学现代性研究。艺术小组“非理性业余者实验室”(Irrational Amateur Laboratory)成员,同时开展艺术创作,参加多种展览。生活工作于杭州、上海、北京。

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