Lu Pingyuan 陆平原

Lu Pingyuan, living and working in Shanghai, is a young, one of a kind artist. He expresses his thoughts and art concepts through “stories” he creates: a practice of his own, rare in the art world. His stories – often extraordinary, enigmatic, wondrous, eventually frightening – are all developed from art-related topics.

陆平原是一位神奇的年轻艺术家 , 现生活工作于上海。陆平原的创作方式极其特殊。他创作各种“故事”来表达自己的艺术观点。这样的创作方式在中国乃至全世界都是罕见的。他的 故事常常诡异、奇妙,有时伴有恐惧,但都由艺术引发。

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