The Double Fly Art Center 双飞艺术中心

The Double Fly Art Center established in 2008, graduates by 9 young people graduated from identical academy and department. All the time, “Double Fly” to the name of a “Art Center”organization and creation seems to be related with the contemporary art activities and works, They specializes in a great variety of artistic model, traditional’s like Ink of birds and flowers, sketch avatar; modern’s such as modern dance, the third brother animation. At manifestations, the famous full_media artist Wang Twoball commented Double Fly: “They sometimes rigorous sharp, direct plug system defects, sometimes delightful, free outside of the hustle and bustle of their appearance is not deliberately high-profile but always attract all audience, the various civilian spectators and veteran acclaimed as a natural.” While they insist their own artistic creation, they appears together in any kind of situation like some life public place, the art exhibition opening and so on. They always make the person surprise because of their performance. For example they acted the robber in the bank which was repairing to take remnant. When they was in the washing foot room and have massages, they groaned like xanthic film actress. Played with the computer games to grouped a rock and roll band and perform in live. They also made mtv like entertainment stars to make CD sale and so on. They do not think their performance relate with their artistic creation. So when they invited to join the art exhibitions they always to make exhibition funny. For instance: in 2009, in Shanghai’s m50, Double Fly’s exhibition<Who cares about the future> opened like a collection of their new MV Disk and T-shirts; in 2010 Beijing 798<Double Fly Palace>, they turned the exhibition hall like a past time dirty theater to show their activity video; In the young artist group exhibition <Get it Louder 2010>, they made noisy and strong mtv “Contemporary Business” teases the display system itself; during the SH Contemporary 2012, they disguised as terrorists live video to the world they threatened to kill the arts, in the case of no ransom to destroy many works of art cruel. March 2014, eight members of the Double Fly Art Center arrived in New York, 14 boxes of garbage bags ,1000 rubbish installation ,2000 photos, 3000 zero flower money cash-bookmarks, 10000 lottery, during four days in The Armory Show, Double Fly booth More than 12,000 people visit, Double Fly Art Center bombing The Armory show live! Their creation maintained extemporaneously, always acted according to the local factor to cause the event. Double Fly Art Center members live in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places now.

双飞艺术中心创立于2008年,由9个毕业于同一学院和专业的年轻人组成。一直以来,"双飞"都以一个"艺术中心"的名义组织并创作各种看似与当代艺术有关的活动以及作品,他们擅长于各种花样繁多的艺术模式,传统如水墨花鸟,素描头像;摩登如现代歌舞,三弟动画;在表现方式上,著名全媒体艺术家王二蛋这样评价双飞——“他们时而严谨犀利,直插体制弊端,时而心旷神怡,游离喧嚣之外。他们的出现并不刻意高调却总是吸引所有观众的目光,被各种平民观众以及资深人士赞誉为一种浑然天成。”他们在坚持自己个人的艺术创作同时,以集体的形象出现于各种场合,比如生活中的公共场所、艺术展览开幕等等,扮演各种使人惊讶的角色,做使人费解或嘲讽的行动。例如他们扮演成劫匪到一个正在装修的银行里打劫建筑残料;在洗脚房按摩时像色情片女猪脚般呻吟;用游戏机组成摇滚乐队去参加各种开幕活动表演;并为自己拍摄MTV像娱乐明星般地做成唱片销售等等。他们并不认为自己的活动与自己的艺术创作有关,所以当他们受到艺术展览的邀请也总是将展厅变成玩乐的秀场而非作品的摆设。比如:2009年在上海的m50,他们将个展《不问路在何方》做成了自己的唱片和衣服的发布会;2010年北京798的《双飞宫》,他们又把展厅变成了脏兮兮的怀旧影院来放映自己的活动的视频集合;在2010年《大声展》上,播放了嘈杂而强劲的MTV《当代买卖》来调侃展览体制本身,以及在2012年《大声展》,在世界末日之前发表了他们的全新MV《双飞拯救全世界》;2012年上海当代艺博会期间,扮成恐怖分子向全世界视频直播他们的撕票艺术,在未得到赎金的情况下将一件件艺术作品残忍的毁掉;2012年底的《双飞前传》项目从在UCCA现场创作的洞穴壁画工作室进行到当代唐人艺术中心的拆解重组展示了巨幅作品和录像装置。2014年3月,双飞艺术中心8人飞抵纽约,14箱子行李1000件垃圾装置,2000张双飞照片,3000张双飞零朵钞书签,10000张彩票,4天纽约军械库博览会期间,参与双飞现场活动的人数超过12000人,双飞狂轰烂炸The Armory show现场!他们的创作一直保持了即兴的风格,总是根据当时当地的因素来引发事件,以一种深刻与浮夸并存的思维方式,影响着越来越多关注者们。目前双飞艺术中心的成员分别生活在杭州上海北京等地。

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