9mouth 九⼝走召


9mouth, born 1988 in Jingzhou, China, is a photographer who now lives in Beijing. Taking photography as an expressive method and an artistic language, he documents the awakening self-awareness of contemporary females, as well as engage with the current reality.

9mouth has obtained the Outstanding Photographer Award at The 5th China Jinan International Photography Biennial and has been selected to be on as one of the Post – 85s Elite List which is held by the renowned City Pictorial magazine. At the same time, he has self-published “Youth”, “After”, “Emma” and “F Love.” His work in Yuan Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Three Shadows Photography Art Center, Aura Gallery, Msbad Space, and many other places.

Moreover,   9mouth is also   works   as   a   free-lancer writer   and model who has worked closely with many clients such as Fujifilm, Lane Crawford, MaxMara, I.T and Lomography.

九⼝走召,1988 年生于中国荆州,现旅居北京。

把摄影作为自己的表达手段和艺术语⾔言,⽤欲望作为动⼒记录当下女性自我意识的觉醒并与这个现实世界互动。曾获得第五届济南国际摄影双年展优秀摄影师奖,⼊选《城市画报》85 后精英榜。自出版《青年》《之后》《Emma》《F Love》。作品曾在元典美术 馆,今日美术馆,三影堂摄影艺术中心,亦安画廊,宋洋美术画廊等地展出。

除了摄影师亦有写作者及模特多重⾝份,跨界于多个领域,与 Fujifilm,Lane Crawford, MaxMara,I.T ,Lomography 等品牌组织有过密切合作。

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